Who are the best divorce trial lawyers?

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"The Best Divorce Trial Lawyers Don't Go to Trial."

The answer is simple. The best trial attorneys are the ones who prepare the most. Oddly, the best divorce lawyers are not the ones who always go to trial. Understanding divorce is simple if you are the one not involved in an ongoing divorce. in today's culture, divorce is much more like a business transaction. If you were to close a shop, you would finalize outstanding receipts and figure out what to do with your assets. That is the "business" of divorce today.

Naturally, there will be issues concerning any children involved in where they will live. But, as it relates to issues between you and your soon-to-be ex spouse, infidelity, overspending, or just being a jerk are not against the law. Even if you were the primary breadwinner, or conversely, the other party simply couldn't keep a job, courts will not award you the entire marital pie. An even crueler reality: there's just not that much worth fighting for. The vast majority of divorcing couples will mirror the socioeconomic distribution of our population. In other words, most people getting divorced aren't rich; the coffers are not flush; and, there is real economic peril in proceeding to trial.

Attorneys can charge as much as $300 per hour for their services. Some attorneys are kind enough to understand that a three sentence e-mail may not even merit a 1/10 of an hour charge. Unfortunately, that's about as rare as the rich client. Divorcing parties would do well to compare the value of the things they want to keep against the attorneys hourly rate to fight for those things. Then again, divorcing parties would do even better to measure the value of their time: should they spend it worrying about what the other side or the court will do? Or, is there time valuable enough to let some of these material things go in order that they may move on with their lives?

Divorce trial lawyers do prepare for trial. The best divorce trial lawyers prepare so well so as to avoid actually going to trial. Unfortunately, this is at odds with the emotions that divorce brings. Love has been lost, and in most cases trust has been lost. Parties feel wronged and want justice to be done. The problem with justice is that it changes with each set of viewing eyes involved in the case. More and more states have become no-fault divorce states as a matter of social policy. Putting it another way, the law attempts to protect people from themselves lest they venture down a seemingly endless road to perdition. Justice is almost never served at trial.

Have you ever heard the notion that a person should not make an emotional decision about money? The exact same rule applies to divorce litigation. It is a bitter irony that the marriage to be dissolved stemmed almost uniquely from emotion. In some senses, drawn out divorce litigation can seem an attempt by parties to hang on to that marriage. But, if you're getting divorced there's nothing to hang onto. The best divorce lawyers find the most economical way to help you let go.

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